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proper little CID girl
21 December 2025 @ 02:44 pm
All private posts are now friends locked.


Take a look at the userinfo, if you think we have something in common, drop a comment here and feel free to friend.
I tend not to friend people who don't have any info on their profile or who don't update their LJ. I just like to know who I'm friending!
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proper little CID girl
25 June 2008 @ 08:50 pm
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16 April 2008 @ 08:24 pm

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18 March 2008 @ 08:16 pm
Has anyone heard about the comment strike on Friday?
Are non - paid accounts going to be abolished? Or is it just for new users?

On a lighter note I currently adore Mercy by Duffy and Sweet About Me by Gabriella. They sound slightly Amy Whinehouse ish
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08 February 2008 @ 06:45 pm
Overall, pretty impressed with Ashes to Ashes, can't beat Life on Mars but I'll enjoy it all the same. The first 15 mins were a bit slow and the plot about the drug dealers was a bit weak, but that's probably because it was the 1st ep and they needed to set everything up. here is my tediously long step by step review!

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25 February 2007 @ 02:30 pm

Title:: Happy Endings? 2/3 (W.I.P sorry!)
Author: me!
Pairings: Marian/Robin, Will/Djaq/Allan, Much/Eve
Characters: Marian, Robin, Guy, Much, Djaq,Will, Allan
Rating: PG-13 for a little violence and swearing
Genre: romance, angst and a little dollop of humour
Timeline: shortly after the events in the last episode
Spoiler: pretty much all of series 1 esp the last 2 eps
Summary/teaser: riding off on a horse with an outlaw was all very well, but would they get a happy ending?
Beta reader: the wonderful </a></font></a>wild_decembers
Disclaimer: sadly as I am an average teenage girl, not a scriptwriter, these characters belong to the BBC

Author's Note: big apologies for the massive delay but I've had mocks, writers block and a faulty e-mail (lol Ellie) Please read and comment!

Previous Chapters:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Guy leant against the door frame with a nasty smirk on his face. Robin sprang up from the window ledge where he and Marian had been 'talking'.
"By God I could kill you!" he cried, and ran towards Guy, but was blocked by two heavy set guards. "How dare you?! How dare you threaten Marian?! Threaten her into marrying you?!"
Guy laughed coldly. "Call it revenge."
"What's she ever done to you?!"
"Hmmmm, let's see, a tricky question that... I've got it! She pretends to love me then punches me in the face and runs away from our wedding! And who did she run away with?"
Robin glared at him with hatred. "I see. I'm the problem. She ran off to be with me," he laughed, "and you're jealous!"
"Maybe I am. Why should she want a dirty little outlaw with nothing in the world except his precious bow and arrow, when she could have had me! I have wealth! A powerful position! And she chose you! Mad bitch."

Robin leapt towards Guy again but this time was stopped by Marian. "Shh..Robin,I'll deal with this," she said softly then turned towards Guy. "You want to know why I chose an outlaw over a wealthy man of power? I'll tell you why. He's warm, funny, clever and kind. He can also be silly and annoying! That is because he is a human being, not a puppet! He has feelings!"
"I have feelings! Why do you think I'm so angry! I loved you!" interrupted an outraged Guy.
"But not the right type of feelings! You are jealous, greedy, ambitious and always put yourself first. You wanted to marry me so you made me regardless of whether I wanted to or not! I didn't love you. I love Robin. He loves me. And nothing can ever change that. If I married you, bore your children, grew old with you, I would still love Robin," her voice trembled and she ran into Robin's arms.

Guy looked at the couple in disgust. "So the happy couple have sworn to love
each other 'til death do them part," he sneered. "Why don't I put that to
the test?!"


A violent shaking arose Much from a pleasant dream about Eve. "Go way, shurrup," he mumbled and turned over.
"Much!" cried the voice
"Oh for heaven's sake," he grumbled and sat up staring through bleary eyes at Little John. "What is it?"
"It's Robin, he's not come back," said John, looking worried.
"He might have errr..over slept. You know tired out from...well...you know!" he blustered.
"Robin would never stay with Marian later than sunrise. He knows it's dangerous for them to be seen together!"
Much began to look worried. "You don't think-" he began.
"Possible. We all know what the Sheriff and Gisbourne are like," said John gruffly.
"Maybe he's coming back now?"
"Lets hope so. We'll go and have a look."
Much scrambled to his feet then looked over his shoulder. "Should we wake the others?"
"Nah, best not to interrupt!" grinned John.


"Splendid work Gisboune!" cried the sheriff. "I told you not to trust the girl though. Where is she by the way?"
"Locked in my rooms with Godwin guarding the door," said Guy pacing up and down the room. "Can't we just kill him now?!" he said viciously.
"Patience, dear boy. Patience. If we kill him now we kill one outlaw. Whereas if we wait a little, his 'gang' will come after him, we catch them, arrest them, sling them in the dungeons then make a nice big show of killing all of them."
"But what happens if they do rescue him?"
"That lot!" scoffed the Sheriff. "They haven't got a full brain between them!"


Marian awoke and found herself lying on a strange bed. For a moment she was confused. Then the memories came flooding back. Guy had arrested Robin and when she tried to stop him, had slung a heavy blow at her. She must have blacked out. Quietly she pattered round the room. She was at the castle.Bad. She crept towards the door and cautiously turned the handle. It was locked. Marian sat down against the door in despair but just as the tears were beginning to fall, she spied a large metal pole. She grinned to herself; the Night Watchman was coming to the rescue!

Outside the door, Godwin the guard snored peacefully. Somewhere in the midst of his slumbers, he became aware of a sobbing sound. He sighed. Poor Lady Marian. He didn't think it was fair for a well bred Lady to be treated this way. Then he heard a hysterical voice "I can't go on! I cannot live! I am going to throw myself out of the window and kill myself!"
He jumped up in alarm. "M' Lady, don't do anything you might regret I beg you!" He received no answer but a scream. "She's going to jump!" he cried with alarm and unlocked the door.

He opened the door and peered round. "Lady Marian?" he asked nervously. He stood wondering what to do next when a figure dressed in white came flying at him, knocking him flat on the ground. He gasped. "Lady Mari-ahh uh," his sentence was left unfinished as Marian whacked him on the head and he slumped to the floor."Sorry about that," she murmured. "But you really should have remembered that the window is barred!"


"We need a plan," mused Allan. "A very good plan. A very cunning plan. A rea-,"
"Have you got a plan?!" snapped Djaq.
"Then be quiet!"
The outlaws lapsed into a thoughtful silence. "We could disguise ourselves!" exclaimed Will.
"What as?" asked Allan. "I see you as a chamber maid," he sniggered and was elbowed by Djaq.
"Go on Will," she said encouragingly.
"I don't know what as...some guards maybe...but we don't have the uniform..."
"We could knock 'em out," suggested Little John

"Men!" sighed Djaq "To be able to steal five uniforms, we'd have to get inside the castle grounds. We'd be recognised! We couldn't just say 'hold on a minute while we change our clothes'!"
"True," sighed Allan gloomily.
"What we need is someone who knows the castle. Somebody who knows it inside out..." said Will slowly.
"Marian!" exclaimed Much.
"But if they've arrested Robin, I doubt they've left Marian free to roam around the woods to come to us!" retorted Djaq. "Maybe...maybe her father..."


Marian congratulated herself. She had found an old brown cloak and covered herself up with it, sneaking around the quiet, dark passages she knew so well until finally she had reached the cells.
"Oi! Who's there?!" a gruff voice called out. Ah. Problem. She had forgotten about the guards.
"Shine that candle over 'ere Ed," said the voice.
The light shone into her eyes and she found herself looking at two armed men. "Er..good morning," she said boldly.
"Lady Marian!" said the taller one beaming with pleasure "'Ow nice to see you!"
"She's not supposed to be 'ere Ed!" snapped the smaller man. "Sir Guy said let no-one in especially 'er."
"Oh yeah," nodded his companion "Sorry M'Lady but we're going to 'ave to escort you out."

As she found herself being firmly marched away, an idea came into her head.She smiled sweetly at the smaller man. "How nice to see you again! Harold, isn't it?"
"err..Yes Lady?" he said confusedly.
"Wife keeping well?"
"Umm...yeah fine thanks," he replied.
"What about Anne, is she keeping well too?"
"What?! I err..well..that is to..," he blustered.
"Oh, don't worry, I won't tell a soul!" she said soothingly. "Not unless... oh and you, Edward," she said, turning to the smaller man. "I saw a very fine necklace on your wife earlier, you must have saved hard to buy that! The funny thing is, it's almost identical to on that Lady Mary used to wear is it not?" she said innocently, inwardly thanking God for her gossiping maid.


"Clever girl," said Robin tenderly as Marian snuggled into his arms. "I've trained you well, haven't I?"
"The cheek of it!" she gasped. "Since when I have you taught me anything?!"
Robin winked at her and she blushed. "I mean anything to do with escapingf rom locked rooms and blackmailing guards!"
He laughed then became grave. "I am glad to see you. I wanted to talk to you. Have a last word before...well before anything happens,"
"Since when have you been one to give up? If there's one thing you have taught me, it's to always believe and keep on fighting."
Robin gave a bitter laugh. "I can't exactly see how you and I can fight Gisbourne, the Sheriff and one hundred armed men."
"Much and the others will come soon. When have they ever let you down?"


At that moment the man in question was studying a map with a frown. "Which entrance did Sir Edward say again?"
"The one with an arrow pointing to it!" laughed Will.
"Look, this is important!" hissed Djaq. "We have to get this right! Much,you and John keep watch outside the sewage outlet. Keep quiet! Don't do anything unless it's an absolutely vital life and death situation! Got that?"
They nodded and Djaq turned to Will and Allan "You two tag along with the other guards and once you're inside quietly break away and make your way down to the cells. Keep your heads down and try not to speak."
"But where are you going to be?" asked Will.
"I'm the smallest, so I'm going to go through the window in the kitchenst hen meet up with you two."
"In the kitchens?" frowned Allan.
"No! Don't be silly! The cells of course! Now everyone happy?"

Much frowned. "I still think my idea would have worked,"
His companions gave a collective groan.
"Dressing up as the King and setting the prisoners free! Even the half witted sheriff would see through that," sniggered John.
"Well no-one knows what he looks like," argued Much.
Djaq shook her head. "It's too risky, Much. We'd get caught for sure,impersonating the King is an offence, and we'd be hung! Now any other problems?"

Will and Allan looked at each other. "I'm not being funny but-," began Allan.
"But what?"
"Well you're a girl...you should have one of us to protect you." Much and Little John nodded in agreement.
Djaq gave them a withering glare. "Really? I hadn't noticed!" she sighed,"I thought you had all got over that attitude! I thought you looked on me as one of you."
"We do!" protested Much.
"Doesn't look like it!" huffed Djaq, "Who thought of the plan in the first place?!"
Allan looked ready to argue but John intervened. "Shouldn't we rescue Robin first and argue later?"
"True. Rightio," said Much cheerfully and they went their separate ways.


A weary Marian had fallen asleep on Robin's shoulder. She was having a lovely dream when she was sharply jolted. She glared at Robin and was about to say something when his hand came over her mouth. "I think I can hear something!"he hissed.
Marian cocked her head to one side and listened. "All I can hear is the collective snores of Edward and Harold," she whispered back.
"No, listen, footsteps!" Sure enough the tread of heavy footsteps was approaching, accompanied by an angry voice. A well known angry voice. Robin groaned. "Unless I'm very much mistaken, it's our dear friend Sir Guy."

"Stupid men! Can't you even stay awake for half a morning?" growled Guy.
"Sorry, Sir, beg pardon, Sir!" mumbled the men ashamedly.
"Three more prisoners for you, they were found in the kitchens."
"Right Sir, very good Sir."
"I think I'll take a look at our honourable outlaw first," he smirked.

"Oh help," muttered Marian as her hand found Robin's in the darkness.
A lamp was shone onto the cell and they found themselves looking up at Guy.
"Well if it isn't the two lovers!" he exclaimed.
Robin glared at him. "Shut up, Gisbourne," he growled.
Guy laughed. "Oh I will, I will. But first I'd like to have the lady back,"
"And what if the lady won't go?" snapped Marian.
"She will," he replied calmly. "She's intelligent enough to realise that she needs to stay on my good side to protect her loved ones."
As this was true, Marian had no choice but to get up and follow him out of the cell.
"Don't worry, you won't be lonely, Locksley, three of your friends have come to see you!" laughed Guy.

The guards pushed Will, Allan and Djaq into the cell; they stood squirming while Robin glared up at them. "Nice of you to drop in," he said sarcastically.
"We did try!" protested Will.
"Not hard enough, was it!"
Djaq sniffed. "It would have worked if these two could listen. I told them 'Wait here,' I said. But oh no, they have to go into the kitchens!"
"Oh, well, thanks anyway," said Robin pensively "It's the thought that counts."
"There's still Much and John," said Allan hopefully.
"Yes..." said Robin. "Well I don't doubt that they'll try...I mean we'll probably be already dead by the time they've thought of something but they'll try!"


"Good afternoon, dear people!" cried the Sheriff throwing his arms about majestically.
"Today you witness a triumph of the law. Four notorious outlaws have for many months defied the law but now they are to be brought to justice. I know that many of you will-" he paused as his grand speech was interrupted by the sound of horses hooves. "Who is that?" he hissed to Guy "I told them not to let anyone through until it was over."
Two grandly dressed men, on horseback, galloped through the amazed crowd.
They halted in front of the platform and dismounted.
"What is the meaning of-" began the sheriff when his eyes saw the official crest on parchment the smaller man was carrying. "Fine, yes, go ahead, be my guest," he muttered.

The man cleared his throat. "By order of his majesty King Richard!" he cried then paused importantly for his audience to gasp.
Will leant across to Djaq. "I don't believe it!" he hissed "It can't be Much and John can it?"
The messenger continued. "To celebrate his safe return from the crusades in the Holy Land, his majesty has announced a week of celebration!"
The people cheered.
"His majesty also decrees that all work be stopped and all prisoners set free!"


The little girl gasped her brown eyes wide with amazement. "Was it Uncle Much?" she shrieked.
"Shhh, you'll wake your little brother!" said Marian softly smiling down at her daughter.
"Was it him and Uncle John though?" whispered the child.
Marian laughed. "Bless them, no! When Much though of the idea, the others scoffed it so much that he gave it up!"
"What happened, then?"
"All the prisoners including your father were set free and there was nothing the Sheriff or Guy could do to prevent it. They got away and laid low in the forest for a few weeks. Meanwhile the King started investigating the goings of the Sheriff and others like him in the country. He was forced to give the position back to your grandfather."

"What happened to that other nasty man?"
"You mean Guy?" Marian's face darkened. "When the Sheriff was ousted, so was he. He disappeared and I've never seen him since. I never want to see him!" she paused and gazed into the distance. She always wondered if Robin had had something to do with his disappearance...
"Carry on, Mother!"
"Sorry, dear. Where was I? Oh yes, your grandfather was re- instated as sheriff,your father and I got married and so did Uncle Much and Auntie Eve," she grinned."And we all lived happily ever after!"


I hope the ending isn't too sickly sweet or unbelievable :D Comments are love, and thanks for supporting the fic!

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04 February 2007 @ 10:54 am
Title:: Happy Endings? 2/3 (W.I.P sorry!)
Author: me!
Pairings: Marian/Robin, Will/Djaq/Allan, Much/Eve
Characters: Marian, Robin, Guy, Much, Djaq,Will, Allan
Rating: PG-13 for a little violence and swearing
Genre: romance, angst and a little dollop of humour 
Timeline: shortly after the events in the last episode
Spoiler: pretty much all of series 1 esp the last 2 eps
Summary/teaser: riding off on a horse with an outlaw was all very well, but would they get a happy ending?
Beta reader: the wonderful </a></font></b></a>wild_decembers 
Disclaimer: sadly as I am an average teenage girl, not a scriptwriter, these characters belong to the BBC

Author's Note: A big thank you to everyone who commented on the 1st chapter, please do so again! :D Sorry about the delay but my poor beta has been ill *hugs to Ellie*. Hopefully Chapter 3 should be posted towards the end of the week, if my imagination hasn't been toally zapped by the mocks! Chapter 1  


Chapter 2

Anger, shouting, confusion. They are surrounded. "No! I will never marry you!"  Rough hands, violent blows. "You cannot do this!"  Trying to get free."Let go of him!" Arms outstreched as hands are tugged away. "No! Robin! Robin!"

"Marian, Marian!" shouted Robin anxiously.  "Wake up sweetheart!" he pleaded
shaking her gently.
Marian thrashed her arms about, narrowly missing  Robin's nose. "No! Robin!"
"I'm here darling," he said, holding her close.
Gradually she became still. "Wha-," she groaned and opened her eyes
"It was just a dream Marian, you're safe, nobody can harm you."
But as she smiled at him, Marian knew she wan't safe and neither was he.
Guy's words from the previous day came back to her, taunting her: "The two men you love will hang," and she shivered.


"You know your trouble, Gisbourne? Well, apart from being soft in the head...but I suppose it's too late to do anything about that now... perhaps a blow on the head? Anyway, you are far too weak and floppy with women! One look and you go weak at the knees and forgive her!" exclaimed the Sheriff, tucking into a leg of chicken.
"I haven't forgiven her," said Guy, harshly.
"Well, why marry the chit? Are you so desperate to have a woman in your bed and an heir in the nursery?"
"I don't want to marry her! I don't want that slut in my bed after she's been with... with him!"
"Aha! Jealousy!" said the Sheriff triumphantly "He's got something you want."
"I don't want her love. I want to punish her. Hurt her. Hurt them both!"
Guy banged his fist on the table then continued more calmly: "If she's forced to marry me, she can't be with Locksley."
"Hmmm...You know, Gisbourne, you may be cleverer than I thought." The Sheriff raised his goblet. "Your health, dear boy!"


"Marian! Are you even listening to me?" asked an injured Robin.
"Sorry, I was just thinking..." she replied.
"About me I hope!" he grinned and she returnd the smile warmly. "Now what was I saying? Ah yes, well, Djaq said she could brew you a potion for nightma-a-ah-ares!" yelled Robin as the branch gave way under his weight and and he came crashing to the ground."Ouch!" he groaned rubbing his back. "It's not funny!" he yelped indignantly as Marian began to shriek with laughter.  
"Heeheee! The look on your face!" she cried.
Robin glared at her but with twitching lips and soon began to laugh himself.
"Well, maybe it was a bit funny. At least it's got you laughing, you've been miserable all day." 

Marian stopped laughing and her face became grave. "Robin! There's something...Something I have to tell you."
"Good lord, don't tell me you're going to have a baby! Your father will kill me!" cried Robin in alarm
"Silly!" said Marian affectionately, "No, it's bad. Something really bad."
"How bad?"
"As bad as you can possibly get, worse in fact," she stopped and looked down at the ground."Last night, Guy...Guy came to see me-"
"Did he do anything to you?! Hurt you?! If he has, I swear this arrows going straight to his heart!" he said fiercely.
"No! No. Well, not physically..." she got up and began to pace around. "Look, you may as well know he threatened me and my father. Said I had...had to marry him."

"What?! Tell me you didn't accept him!" Robin jumped up and took her hands.
"I had to!"
"No you didn't!"
"Yes, I did! I had no choice! I don't want to see my father killed!"
"If you're so bothered about your father then why did you run away from the
"I wasn't thinking straight!"
Robin sighed in frustration. "So all this was a mistake then?! You and me?!"
"No!" she cried wretchedly "You know I love you! That's why..that's why..."
"Why what?"

Marian looked at him with tears in her eyes. "Why I said yes. He threatened you."
Robin scoffed. "Gisbourne threatening me?!"
"Yes! He has power, Robin. You haven't. He could hunt you down, arrest you, sentance you to death any day now!"
"So you think I can't look after myself? Can't protect the woman I love?!"
"But that's just it - you can't! Not without putting yourself in danger! You're an outlaw and he's the Sheriff's deputy!"
"I think you've said all you need to say, Marian. Perhaps you should run along to Guy now. I quite understand," he said bitterly, shrugging her arm off and striding away.
"Robin!" she cried but he didn't turn around "Be like that then! See if I care!" she yelled and ran away.


"I can't believe she could do this! I cannot believe it!" growled Robin, kicking a nearby tree.
"I'm not being funny but I don't think she had much choice," said Allan who was sat with his arm around Djaq.
"Yes, be fair Robin, she didn't propse to Guy, he blackmailed her!" added Djaq.
"Look, you lot, stay out of this! It's none of your business!" he snapped back.
"Yes, it is, we're you're friends and we care about you both,"  said Djaq gently. "You can't blame Marian. You have to be strong for her, think how terrible she must feel!"

Robin groaned. "I'm not angry at her. Well I am, but I'm more angry at myself. I feel so helpless, Guy has all the power I have none. I can't protect her. I can't save her. I can't prove what Guy did in the Holy Land as my only witness has departed from this world!" he kicked the tree again.
"Well you can't sit there sulking, like you did last time, leaving it up
to Much to try to stop the wedding," said Little John.
"I don't mind helping, master," put in Much helpfully.
"Oh shut up!...Sorry, I didn't mean that," he sighed. "Anyway if I turn up shouting 'I protest!' I'll be slung in prision and hung faster than you can say 'I do' which is what Marian is trying to prevent...."

The outlaws lapsed into a gloomy silence, interuppted by the sound of footsteps.
"Hello," said a soft voice and they looked up to see Marian standing awkardly, fidgeting with her dress.
"Speak of the devil!" joked Allan.
"Allan!" hissed Djaq thumping him.
"What did I say?!"
"Hello Marian," said Robin and the two stood gazing at each other.

Djaq sprang to her feet. "I need to gather some more dandilions for my sleeping draught," she announced.
"OK," said Allan absently "Don't be long,"
She sighed. "I need to help me. All of you,"
"Have you got something in your eye, Djaq?" asked Much.
"Then why do you keep blinking?"
"I'm not!"
"She's twitching her head now," said Will in puzzlement.
"Oh! She wants us to clear off and leave those two in peace!" said Allan wisely. "Why are you walking off? What did I say?" he asked bemusedly as Djaq stomped off muttering something that sounded remarkably like "Men!"
"Come on," said Little John dragging him away, with the others following.

Robin and Marian hadn't seemed to notice what was going on and were still stood there looking at each other.
"I'm sor-" they both said then stopped and laughed bashfully.
"Ladies first," said Robin gallantly.
Marian smiled. "You always were a charmer, Robin....I just, just wanted to say, I'm sorry if I hurt you, I didn't mean that...that you couldn't stand up for yourself."
"No, it was my fault Marian. My stupid fault," he said, gently taking her hands. "I know you have to do what's best for you and for your father. I should never have expected that you'de be able to, well, to marry me and live in the forest. But I suppose happy endings just don't happen around here."
"Oh Robin!" cried Marian, as tears welled up in her eyes.
"Shhh," he said gently putting his arms around her. "Lets just enjoy what time we have together."


"Well?" asked Guy, "Do you have anything to report?"
"I do! I'm afraid Sir Guy, that Lady Marian has been to see the outlaw every day this week, and sometimes he comes to the house and sneaks into her room!," said his spy, a small thin, wiry woman who was employed as a maid at Marian's home.
"Thank you, you may go," he said curtly, pressing a bag of money into her hands.
When the door had closed behind her, he let out a cry of rage. "Damn her! Damn the slut! I try to make her miserable and stop her from seeing him ,but she defies me! She's still got love and happiness!" he smiled grimly. "But not for long!"


A frantic knocking woke Sir Edward from his peaceful slumber. He opened his door and saw that a servant was going to answer it.
"Who is it?" he called.
"Sir Guy wants to see you immed- Ow!" the elderly man was cut off as Sir
Guy and 5 armed guards pushed past him.
Sir Edward rushed down the stairs. "What is the meaning of this?!" he cried indigantly.
"I have to pay a call on your daughter," said Guy coldly "and her outlaw,"he added running up the stairs, to Marian's room and throwing the door open.
"Good evening dear! Oh Locksley -  I didn't expect to find you here!"

proper little CID girl
02 February 2007 @ 06:50 pm

Just for the sake of it

Is it me?- Terry Wogan (autobiography)
Cousin Kate- Georgette Hayer
Wives and Daughters- Elizabeth Gaskell
Doctor Who: The Art of Destruction 
Miss Marple: The Body in the Library- Agatha Christie
The Maqueraders- Gerogette Hayer
The Mediator: Young Blood- Meg Cabot reccomended by [info]elki308 
Miss Marple:The 4.50 From Paddington- Agatha Christie
A Convinient Marriage- Georgette Hayer
Doctor Who: The Price of Paradise


I'm grooving to: KT Tunstall- False Alarm
proper little CID girl
28 January 2007 @ 12:20 pm
Title:: Happy Endings? 1/3 (W.I.P sorry!)
Author: me!
Pairings: Marian/Robin, Will/Djaq/Allan, Much/Eve
Characters: Marian, Robin, Guy, Much, Djaq,Will, Allan
Rating: PG-13 for a little violence and swearing
Genre: romance, angst and a little dollop of humour 
Timeline: shortly after the events in the last episode
Spoiler: pretty much all of series 1 esp the last 2 eps
Summary/teaser: riding off on a horse with an outlaw was all very well, but would they get a happy ending?
Beta reader: the wonderful elki308 
Disclaimer: sadly as I am an average teenage girl, not a scriptwriter, these characters belong to the BBC

Authors note:This is the first time I have ever written a fic, but the idea was buzzing round my head all day at school so I thought, why not write it! Please comment and tell me what you think! 

Chapter 1
Much strolled through the forest whistling softly to himself. He could get used to things being like this. No fighting, no danger, Robin and Marian one big happy couple. Of course it was too good to last. Sooner or later the repercussions of Marian's attack on Guy would fall and all hell would break loose. But he might as well enjoy it while he could. He was feeling a little peckish, time for a meal perhaps? He decided to consult with the others.

Over in the distance he spied Will and Allan with Djaq. He shouted "Want any dinner?" but they didn't respond. Sighing, he began to walk over towards them only to see that he had interupted what seemed to be a very private moment between the three off them. He hastily backed off but walked into a tree and his cry of "Ow!" caused all three to break apart and glare at him. "I'm not being funny but could you just..." Allan pointed with his finger.
"Go away, yes. Err...right, I'll er leave you to...to..." mumbled Much with a red face as he hurried away.

Unfortunately his embarassment factor continued to rise as he came across Robin and Marain also locked in a passionate embrace. He tiptoed away and was at least sucessful in the fact that he had managed to sneak away without the besotted pair seeing him. Happy couples. Happy endings. These two seemed to be having one. Unlike him and Eve. He sighed. Would he ever see her again? Or if he did would she have found someone else? Did happy endings only happen in fairytales?


"Sir Guy! Sir Guy!" The call broke Guy out of his gloomy thoughts. He had thought he had it all worked out. Power, money, the surgeon safely disposed of and a beautiful young wife. But the dream had shattered when the lovely Lady Marian had not
only ran away from their wedding but punched him as well.  He had been shamed in front of the entire court and village. So much for happy endings. His brows drew together and he scowled at the guard who was approaching him.

"Yes?!" he barked, "What do you want?" "There's something I have to tell you. A little piece of information you
may be interested in," said the guard in low tones.
 "Guy gave a snort of laughter. "Why would I, Guy of Gisbourne be interested
in any dirty little piece of gossip that you, a scruffy little guard could have picked up?!" 
"Well..I..um...," the guard scratched his head as Guy sighed. "It's about Lady Marian!" he burst out.
Guy's face beacame darker. "Oh, her. Why should I be intrested in that little harpy?"
"I saw her..." the guard stopped and spoke in low tones. "I saw her kissing another man."
"What other man?"
"R..er.. well, I believe they call him Robin. Robin Hood,"

All the colour drained from Guy's face. "No...she couldn't...she wouldn't...NO!" he cried and caught the unfortunate man by the scruff of his neck. "I want you to swear on your life that what you have told me is true."
"Of course! Sir Guy! I wouldn't lie to you! I saw it with my own eyes! And... and Aurthur did too but he didn't want to tell you." he blustered.
Guy released him and the guard dropped to the floor massaging his neck. "Do you want me to-"
"Go, just go! And do. Not. Tell.  Anyone. Is that understood?" he hissed.
"Yes! Of course, Sir Guy!"

Guy watched the guard hurry away with unseeing eyes. He remembered tormenting Robin by saying he had Marain's love. That he would "think of him as I take her to the marriage bed". And now his greatest enemy, the despised Locksley had the one thing that Guy had most wanted. Marian. He would make them both very, very sorry.


Marian was brushing her hair. She looked at the mirror with satisfaction.It was nearly down to her waist. As she plaited it she thought of the last few days spent with Robin and the outlaws in the forest. No cares. No worries.No Guy. But riding off on a horse with an outlaw was all very well but would there be a happy ending? Or was that just in fairy tales? A frantic knock on the door interupted her thoughts. "Come in!" she cried.

"Marian!" hissed her father after coming into the room and closing the door.
"What is the matter, Father?" she asked with a look of concern, noting the many wrinkles on his frail face.
"My dear, it's Sir Guy. He demands to see you!"
Marian scowled. "Well, I don't wish to see him. I thought I had made that perfectly clear that last time we met."
"Come now, there's no time for childish nonsense! I don't think you're in a position to dictate whether you want to see him or not. He is downstairs and says he won't leave until he sees you. Please, Marian," pleaded her father.
"Oh, very well. For your sake."

She sailed down the staircase, every inch a high born lady and walked towards her former fiancee. She gave a frosty bow - "Sir Guy."
"Lady Marian," he replied. "Sir Edward, I wonder if you would be so kind as to let me have private word with your daughter," he said in a dangerously calm voice.
"Of course" said Sir Edward bowing and hurrying away.
There was an awkward silence.
"Well?" asked Marain, raising her eyebrows.

Guy leapt forwad and grabbed her wrist, a frantic look in his eyes.
"Ow, get off. I demand you let go of me!" she cried, trying to wriggle away but Guy's grip was like iron.
"Bitch" he hissed. "You little slut!"
"What?! How dare you?!"
"Oh, don't try the innocent little lady act with me Marian. I know why you ran off. And I know who you ran off with!"
"One of my guards and his companion. He saw you. He saw you kissing that,that outlaw!" he released her and spat on the floor.

"So what?! I have a perfect right to kiss who I want, I'm not your fiancee anymore, Guy" she said coldly
"I trusted you. I, I gave my heart to you. I have never felt so much for any human being in my entire life and you not only shame me in front of the whole congregation but you run off with Locksley!" he said in anguished tones.
Marain sighed. "Guy, I'm sorry. I din't mean to hurt you. But I never loved you. It was you who persuaded me into marrying you. You blackmailed me. You said you would protect me and my father," she explained gently. "I couldn't marry you when I , when I.." she stopped
"When you loved him."

Guy gave a twisted smile. "But an outlaw, a disgraced lord, can't protect you. Can't protect your father."
Marain looked up sharply. "What do you mean?"
"Just that I gather the Sheriff is very displeased about your father's disloyalty..."
"His disloyalty! That was a dirty trick of the Sherrifs!" she cried hotly.
"If I were to encourage him to arrest-"
"No! You wouldn't dare!"
"Try me," he said with ice in his voice, "I have the power to arrest him this very second. And your precious outlaw."

Marian looked at him with hatred in her eyes "What do you want?"
"Suprisingly I still want you to marry me," smirked Guy, "I give you one day Marian. It's your decision. Marriage to me or you will watch the two men you love hang."


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