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Somewhere... over the rainbow

"Is this real life, is this just fantasy?"

proper little CID girl
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I'm very dreamy...dozy depending on how you put it... I spend more time daydreaming about characters in books and tv programmes than thinking about real life. Could have something to do with the fact that I walk around with my head in a book and have dropped a book in the bath on more than one occasion... I'm very girly and love shopping. Sports and me do not go together, I have no hand eye co-ordination whatsoever! I'm at college and hope eventually to be a Solicitor. I love the idea of arguing in court! Unless I'm recruited by Scotland Yard for my amazing detective skills...
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*The Sound of Music*Nicholas Nickleby*Mean Girls*The Devil Wears Prada*
*Sense and Sensibility*The Princess Diaries*13 Going on 30*Legally Blond*Pirates of the Caribbean*
*Freaky Friday*Much Ado About Nothing*My Fair Lady*Music and Lyrics*Shreck*The Holiday*Titanic*
*The Importance of Being Earnest*Gone with the Wind*Moulin Rouge*A Cinderella Story*

*Diary of a Nobody*Vanity Fair*Harry Potter*North and South*Ballet Shoes*The Da Vinci Code*Anne Of Green Gables*
*Never Say Goodbye*Stravaganza*I Capture the Castle*Partners in Crime*David Copperfield*Diary of Anne Frank
*The Exiles at Home*Gone with the Wind*Bleak House* Dancing Shoes*The Shadow in the North*
*Little Women*The Bucaneers*

*Judge John Deed*Friends*Robin Hood*Supernanny*Ugly Betty*
*Fawlty Towers*Blackadder*Foyle's War*Pushing Daisies*As Time Goes By*Hollyoaks*
*The House of Eliott*Strictly Come Dancing*Dr.Who*New Tricks*Life on Mars*Morse*

*Katie Melua*Amy Whinehouse*Queen*Kylie*James Blunt*The Killers*Girls Aloud*ABBA*Mika*The Frattelis
*The Kaiser Chiefs*The Beatles*Amy Macdonald*David Bowie*Blondie*Elvis*Natalie Imbruglia*
*Avril Lavigne*Madness*Supertramp*Kirsty McCall*Scouting for Girls*KT Tunstall*The Hoosiers*
*The Kinks*Lily Allen*The Monkees*Coldplay*

*Hilary Duff*Colin Firth*Meryl Streep*Billie Piper*David Tennant*Orlando Bloom*
*Reese Witherspoon*Julie Walters*Rupert Grint*Hugh Grant*John Sim*Phillip Glennister*
*Michael Kitchen*John Barrowman*Amanda Redman*Kate Winslet*Penelope Keith*Emma Thompson*

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